Saturday, June 30, 2012

Range Rover Luxury Edition for Rear Seat Entertainment System

This vehicle was brought to us from a dealership in Maryland that we frequently do business with in order to have a rear seat entertainment system installed. Here at Hurley's we install the Vizualogic head rest monitor systems which are special ordered to match the vehicles original leather and stitching for a factory look. These systems include two DVD players and two screen, which can play from either DVD player or from an auxiliary plug on the front of the screen. These units also allow the sound from the movie to be played through the radio by means of an FM Modulator or through wireless headphones allowing the front passengers to listen to the radio.
Both screens installed for the rear seats.

Passenger side screen in viewing position.
Passenger screen open for DVD insert.

Passenger side screen on and playing.

BMW M3 for Passport Escort 9500ciRear

Today we installed a Passport 9500ci in a customers BMW M3. This system is fully concealed and allows a vehicle's owner to know when he or she is being targeted. This unit includes a front radar detector and front and rear laser diffusers. It also allows the owner to lock out GPS locations for false alarms as well as uses the GPS to track known speed traps and cameras.

From just a few feet away the front laser diffusers are almost unnoticeable.
Close up of the front right laser diffuser.
rear laser diffuser mounted on the license plate bracket.

Control module and radar display located discreetly in the ash tray for easy concealment.

Brand New Scion FR-S for Keyless Entry and Escort 9500ci

Larry has the first Scion FR-S to come to Virginia and he brought his new vehicle to us for a Passport Escort 9500ci concealed radar detection system. This is Scions latest vehicle made in conjunction of Toyota and Subaru. Here in the states we are receiving the Scion FR-S, which is Larry's vehicle, and the Subaru BRZ, which I actually just bought a few weeks ago. Larry was lucky enough to have one of the first of its kind here in the US and after researching online and with talking with other enthusiasts he decided to trust his new vehicle with us.
Larry brought his own key-less access and alarm system for us to install as well as purchasing a Passport Escort 9500ci concealed radar detection system. Both of these units work great despite us having very few resources to research information due to the age and rarity of this vehicle.
Beautiful new Scion FR-S

This picture shows where we custom mounted the front laser diffusers sitting flush with the grille.
This picture shows the rear laser diffuser mounted to the license plate frame bracket.

This picture shows the radar detector display mounted at the base of the headliner above the rear view mirror.

This picture shows the radar detectors control interface mounted behind the shifter.

This picture shows the key-less start turn key, eliminating the need for keys.

Another picture of the radar control interface, this time with the key-less entry car sitting behind it.

Classic Fiat for Pioneer Deck and Speakers

One of our customers came by with a beautiful classic Fiat in need of upgraded sound. This vehicle had an aftermarket system put into it around ten years ago and has become quite out-dated, so the customer wanted something a bit more modern. Since the customer was just looking for a simple radio with AM/FM and a single CD slot we decided to install a Pioneer DEH-2400UB which also allows him to plug in and control an iPod or iPhone as well as supplies him with a 1/8th Auxiliary plug. To go with the new Pioneer radio we also installed a pair of Pioneer Type-D speakers. All of these parts complemented the vehicle very well and gave it the sound it needed.

Pioneer DEH-2400UB installed in the dash.

Pioneer Type-D speakers installed in front kick panels

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mercedes SL500 for Pioneer AVIC-Z140BT

 The owner of this Mercedes SL500 came into Hurley's and was in need of an upgraded radio with more expandability options than the factory radio allowed. After going over the options the customer chose to have the top of the line Pioneer Z140BT installed with an added back up camera, satellite radio, and a module to retain their factory steering wheel controls. This unit also includes HD Radio, iPod control, Navigation, and Bluetooth.

This photo shows the back up camera mounted just above the right side of the license plate.

This picture shows the unit in the dash with a custom made dash kit.

Closer view during the Pioneer start up screen.

XM Radio preview station built in to the unit.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Mercedes SLK for Pioneer AVIC-Z140BT

The owner of this Mercedes SLK350 brought her car into Hurley's and wanted to upgrade her vehicles entertainment system with something that was Bluetooth capable, iPod ready, Satellite Radio equipped, and included navigation. After going over her choices the customer chose the Pioneer AVIC-Z140BT with Sirius Satellite Radio added on as an option. This unit comes with a seven inch touchscreen display, AM/FM/HD Radio, CD/MP3/DVD slot, USB input, Auxiliary input, iPod cable, SD card slot and has many expansion options including Sirius Satellite Radio which this customer chose to add. This unit also comes with Navigation with maps and directions supplied by NAVTEQ, as well as Bluetooth for phone and audio. If using an iPhone the customer will be able to stream audio to the radio or it can be plugged in to the USB slot which will allow them to control their iPod and even Pandora through the radio. We were also able to add a control module which allowed the vehicle to retain its factory steering wheel controls.
This is how the unit looks installed and powered on.

Satellite radio control through the radio.

Example of one of the map display options.

iPod, USB, and Auxiliary input run to the center console.

Unit powered down.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mazda Miata for Pioneer Radio

This Mazda Miata's owner was looking for a replacement radio which would allow him to plug in and control his iPod as well as still having basic AM/FM and CD compatibility. The customer chose the Pioneer DEH-2400UB for his vehicle as this unit was able to meet all of his needs.

Picture of the unit installed with the lights on

Unit with the lights off

Picture of the unit with the full center console

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mr. Kim's Lexus GX570

Today we put the final touches on Mr. Kim's Lexus GX570. This vehicle is equipped with our Passport 9500ci, train horns, light bar, Nav in-motion unlock, and yellow fog light tint film.
The Passport radar detector system is a top of the line, undetectable unit, which includes a front radar detector, dual front laser shifters and a rear laser shifter. Mr. Kim chose to have his radar display located in the lip of his gauge cluster.
Rear view shows how discreet the rear laser shifter is on this vehicle.

close up shot of the rear laser shifter mounted on the license plate bracket.

Shot of the front end shows the fog light tint, and the light bar and passport system which are very hard to see.

Close up shot of the fog light tint.

Close up shot of one of the front laser shifters.

Close up shot of the light bar and front radar sensor.

Front end with light bar off.
Front end with light bar on.
Shot of the radar display in his gauge cluster.

 Video of the Light bar on YouTube: Coming soon

Monday, June 18, 2012

Land Rover LR2 for Navigation

This Land Rover LR2 was in need of an upgraded navigation system with Bluetooth, GPS, AM/FM/CD and DVD capabilities. We worked with a dealership in Maryland who chose to go with a Pioneer AVIC-X940BT which had all the necessary features they were looking for. This radio is one of the best units available and has many expandability options for things like satellite radio, HD Radio, back-up cameras and many other features.

Picture of the Pioneer AVIC-X940BT installed in the dash.

BMW X5 for Pioneer Radio

Customers old BMW Bose system was on its last legs and she was looking for a basic replacement for her errand vehicle that would give her iPod control with AM/FM and a CD player. We settled on a Pioneer DEH-2400UB to fit her needs.

Pioneer radio installed with a seamless dash kit.